Thursday, July 5, 2007

Sunshine, music and knitting

Sunshine, music and knitting...doesn't get much better than that...I am happy to report I did not need to put on a turtleneck or a sweatshirt. I am glad we had brought the umbrella along to block the sun - it was pretty strong about 2:00. I worked on my red bag - am going to have to find a name for that project....

Rock-A-billy Revue on stage and rocking as usual.

The Aerial lift Bridge. The Bridge is the gateway between Lake Superior and the Bay. The Bridge deck goes up and down to allow boats to enter or leave the harbor.

The bridge is in "up" position to allow an ore carrier to enter the harbor and be loaded at the docks and then sail to far away lands and unload. The carriers come up the SOO Locks and through the five Great Lakes to arrive here in Duluth. They load iron ore, grains, and I haven't a clue what else. (This sounds like a bad book report. I would give this a C-. What do you think English teacher???)

Wish the picture could have been better - but the (damn) camera would flash "battery empty" every time I would zoom in. It was a filthy lie. I put fresh batteries in it before we left for Duluth, which means of course, I had no spares with me...thus the far away, blurry pictures.

As I was sitting there knitting, my focus would continually rest on the American flag flying at the edge of the park. Got me thinking about the many freedoms we have as Americans and the many lives lost and many more young men that are still in danger protecting those freedoms. Let's not forget the sacrifices behind our freedom. Pray for our soldiers.


Alana said...

Looks like you had lots of fun! My friend and I stripped wallpaper and painted ALL DAY! That's okay, though. We're making good progress.

Anonymous said...

Were I the owner of a virtual read pen, I would say this: Vary your sentence begingings! (at least in the 'report' part of the post)

Otherwise, I've been musing - you are an amazing writer. Seriously. Are you sure you are a math teacer??? I, don't mean to infer that math teachers can't be excellent writers, but really, is there anything you can't do???

Alaina said...

Ohhhhh - such kind words - careful - my ego, yah know.