Saturday, July 14, 2007

Knit vs. clean...

It's a Saturday morning and I have no energy to do anything that I should be doing. Andy and Chris are both at work and Nathan is getting ready to go to work. I should be cleaning the house, doing laundry, or starting one of the numerous projects that I want completed before the end of the summer. Am I doing any of that? Nope.

Newsflash: Apparently we have a chipmunk that has been able to find it's way into our three season porch. Nathan is on the hunt with Max (see previous photos). They had it (Mr. Chipmunk) cornered...I am not quite sure what went down...a wild combination of 15 year old testosterone plus clueless dog combined with scared chipmunk. The bottom line...Mr. Chipmunk escaped; lived to taunt another day. Too bad we don't have any pictures.

I can't believe the summer is half way over. I am teaching summer school for the next two weeks. It's only from 8:00 until noon - but the day is half way over by the time I get home...which is why I should peel my butt out of my knitting chair and do something constructive with this beautiful Saturday. (Ohhhh, but I just want to knit...*whine*)

On the knitting front...I have gotten into the dishrag rut. I just can't help fast as I BO, I find myself casting on with another yarn. They are such simple knits using the seed stitch. I found a way to use up the remaining ball of yarn...I bought the huge blue Sugar and Cream...I am alternating leftover and the blue to create stripes - fortunately the blue matches so closely - you can hardly tell..I'll post pics when I finish it. I think the main purpose of the dishrags is to deter any continued progress on my sweater - I am terrified I am going to screw it up.

Well - I am going to go clean (knit).

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NH Knitting Mama said...

OK, so did you get your cleaning done? I see the post with 2 dishrags! ha ha....

How long have you been knitting?