Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Life is what happens while you are making other plans.....

I want to live in a world where all is well - people are kind, make rational decisions and respect the dedication, dignity, professionalism, and commitment of teachers!

I am trying really hard not to be negative right now. Probably the only thing holding me back is the realization that I might just say something I will regret someday down the road and I am not an anonymous blogger - my real name is out there for all to "google" Maybe I should start a new blog - yeah, an anonymous blog, let's see I could call it....pissedoffteachers... or screwedupschoolboards....or maybe....okay, that's enough - it's getting a little out of hand - and I always try to maintain an upper hand.

What? you are asking could possible be setting off this mild mannered, sweet-natured, slightly anal math teacher? Careful the voice in my head is warning....

Umm...how to put this nicely so it doesn't bite me in the tush someday.....I am a part time teacher - thanks to budget cuts... the other full time teacher quit...leaving me the lone teacher (I kinda like that title ...HI HO Tonto!!!) Sensible, logical solution would be to offer full time position to the part timer (me) and hire another part time math teacher....Not our district....I found out today - they hired a full time teacher and would not even give me a chance to interview for the full time position. BUT, They DID give me Tenure!!!!

It's been a very long day with a wide range of emotions.

One of my closest friends got a job in a different district so I went with her to school today to help her "pack her things". I will miss her dearly. I am so glad she has the opportunity to move to bigger and better - but gosh darn it's hard being the one left behind....My other close friend also abandoned ship and moved clear across country to be with her family - imagine that - (darn you Kim!)

Sorry - this post is such a downer - but life isn't always about the good stuff - sometimes it smells really bad - like...oh, I dunno - something that smells really bad.

On the upside - son Nathan got a job today washing dishes at the local restaurant - funny how appealing washing dishes becomes when there is minimum wage attached.

Hope your day was better than mine....As I said, "Life is what happens while you are making other plans."

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Alana said...

I am so sorry you had such a crummy day. The politics and favoritism in the school systems is rediculous. No, dedication and hard work is NOT enough. It's more about who you know and how well you do at sucking up to the right people.

If it makes you feel any better (I'm told that misery does love company!!) I had a similar situation at my previous school. It's one of the reasons I was more than willing to take my current job when it came along unexpectedly.

And people think teaching is difficult because we work with kids. Kids, schmids----it's the adults that are impossible!