Monday, July 23, 2007

Recycle those bags

Jodie posted a link to My Recycled Bags. I just had to check it out - because I have a gad-zillion (official Math term) plastic bags in my house. A lot of the patterns I saw were crochet - I would think with a little adjustments - I could also knit something up...but the site does have a tutorial on how to prepare your bags and make them into plarn

In my pattern binder...I found this tote - maybe I could make some adjustments and make something similiar...maybe a tote for the beach... many ideas and so little time.


Alana said...

I once commented to someone on her cute purse. Turns out it was made of "plarn". I couldn't believe it, and would never have guessed it was made of plastic.

I have SO MANY bag patterns. I wish we were closer so you could come on over and look through them! I wonder where's "half way" between us. How far are you from Bemidji? I think I'm about 3 hours. I should look at a map.

ponyknit said...


Just stopped by to say hello. I saw this post and I have been posting some patterns on my "in view" list for bags. Come and take a look! (all of the bag patterns are free) Also, the cat that I grew up with (that is still living with my parents) has a striking resemblance to your cat. I'll have to get a pic for you. Their markings are quite similar, but he's a bit fluffier and chunkier.