Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer vacation's begun...Today is my first full un-committed day....and...I just got dressed! It feels pretty darn good.

The last teacher day was Tuesday. I left right after school to go visit Andy and his new apartment, a mere four hour drive....His apartment is great, nice new building, 4 bedroom.....

I had a chance to try Wii Fit while we were down there. I am now on a mission to buy it. Of course, it is not available anywhere....and...for those of you who may not know what it is...its a game that consists of a platform you stand measures your weight and BMI. From that information, it gives you a test (in my case, standing on one foot for about 30 seconds) and then calculates your "fitness" age.....I am proud to say...mine was 6 years younger than my actual age....

It has yoga, stretching, body building, and other "games" to help you get your heartbeat up and get fit. Once you create a profile, you can track your progress and your weight.

I do have pictures to post, but my camera is currently MIA.

Not many plans for the summer...I do want to get a bunch of cleaning done...and painting...maybe some camping...for sure some some Oprah....

It's all good.

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Jane Doe Jenn said...

So glad you are enjoying the start of your vacation!
Is the sun shining for you?
I haven't tried wii yet, but I know a few people who have them and they all love it! I would like to try that one, too. We seem to have lots of them available up here... time for a road trip?

We still have a few weeks left of school, but I'm so happy for you!