Saturday, January 19, 2008

Defeat the Winter Doldrums Topic #1

Weekly Topic: Dishrag. Dishcloth. Face cloth. I've seen folks get all fired up in forums when someone refers to their knit or crochet creation as a dishrag, as that's somehow offensive to them! When you're working on yours, what do you call them? Also, is there a difference between a dishrag and a dishcloth? How bout a facecloth? Are they all really the same thing?

I read a blog entry during the last swap where the writer was all fired up about the usage of dishclothes vs. dishcloths. She actually wrote a whole paragraph about how awful it was that some people spelled it (wrong) with the "e" included.....

My thoughts..."GET A LIFE" I am sorry -'s a dishrag. Don't we have more important things in our lives to worry about?

In answer to the topic...I use both terms interchangeably...Is one term more "politically correct" than the other? Leave it to me to inadvertently say the wrong thing.....

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