Thursday, August 23, 2007


I just realized that I have today, tomorrow and Monday before I have to be back to work...(Teacher workshop days begin on Tuesday)

How the hell am I ever going to get everything done that I planned on doing this summer????

Here's what is on the list:

1. Paint, wallpaper, change out sink, counter top in upstairs bathroom.
2. Paint dining area and kitchen.
3. Touch up paint job in living room...carpet installer scuffed walls.
4. Tear off and re-roof house, breezeway and garage. (I'm not kidding)
5. Really clean and organize basement.
6. Boys downstairs bathroom.
7. Garage - would be nice to park a car in it.

Hmmm....I don't think it's going to happen...

I must say - it was a very relaxing summer - as evident by the lack of work I accomplished. Although I did get a lot of knitting done. It's all good.


Alana said...

Oh, I'm so glad I'm not the only one in that situation. Just this morning I was thinking about all my summer plans that didn't get done.

Got the livingroom/foyer/hallway painted, but that's about it. Most of my other good intentions just went by the wayside.

My workshops start on Monday, but I'm headed in this morning for the third day this week. I've got things I want done in my classroom, and then there's those pesky things called 'lesson plans'!
Ever heard of those??? !!! :o)

Sheknits said...

Summer is for RELAXATION- don't put yourself down...all the important stuff gets done. I see you are going to have a contest...if you let me know about it I will announce it on my podcast. Also I am having a contest right now in case you are interested.