Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Go over and check out Rachel's Contest.

She wants to know:
1) Of my finished projects (see list on her blog), which one(s) do you like the best (everything included, not just knitting).

I really like the Oak Leaf Gourd and the Felted baby booties and hat. Her gourds are gorgeous...Try saying that fast...LOL

2) Of all the actual photography pics that I've posted, which one(s) are your favorite?

I am loving the Sunset in the Mirror picture. It is awesome....

3) List 3 of your favorite books (NOT restricted to fiction).

My favorite books...hmmm...as far as knitting...I am really liking One Skein Projects by Leigh Radford. I like reading Chicken Soup for the Soul for an uplift as needed...and my favorite just fun reading would have to be November of the Heart by LaVyrle Spencer

4) List 2 of your favorite knitting/craft blogs that I don't already have listed on my blogroll.

I really enjoy Jodie's blog and Becky's blog ...among many other's that you already have listed....

Ohh - and Happy (belated) Birthday Rachel!!! Hope your day was a good one and you are blessed with many, many more. ;)

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Rachel said...

Hi Alaina--thanks for joining in on my contest and for linking to it on your blog! Good luck!

Also thanks for your nice comments on my gourds...I love doing them and wish I had more time...doesn't everyone?!

Thanks again--I've added your blog to my subscription list and I'm sure you'll see me again! That's the great thing about a contest is the people you get to 'meet' through it!
Happy Knitting!