Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Still working on those buttons

My problem is (well the one related to this situation, I have a couple others that could be discussed) is once I get to the "template" tab - I can find "edit html" then I get lost - I can not find a way to "upload" an image.

When I visit someones site and want to take the button - do I right click and "save link as" or "send link" or just copy the image?

I am hoping that I am making this harder than it needs to be.

Attention you expert bloggers - take pity on this helpless newbie floundering around in this sea of confusion. (All you English teachers (especially the newest Title One teacher for Greeneville Middle School) - keep in mind I am just a lowly Math teacher) - my attempts at commanding the English language is ...well, the word escapes me - cuz I am just a math teacher - out of my realm.. Quick..... think.... logarithms, pi, infinity, standard deviations....ohh back to stuff I know..sigh.

Anyways - enough of my random ramblings..I need some serious help if I am going to figure out this button thing...I admit it..I am defeated. (big sigh)


Anonymous said...

*Sigh* Not everyone can be a sesquipedalian... Mwah ha ha!!!

Alaina said...

ummm....I know how to factor there... take that you, you...sesquipedalian...

(i looked it up - so, I do know what it means) ;)

Jodie said...

Hi Alaina,
I found your blog through the Dishcloth Exchange site. I'm not sure how to upload a picture botton that doesn't have a html link attached to it either. I've sent out an SOS to the Dishcloth Exchange Team so that I can upload their button. I'll let you know how I get on.


Alana said...

Okay, let me give this a try. I'm new to it too, but I've had success with adding pictures and last night I put a button on my blog. I felt quite smug about that!!

When you want to add a pic, first click on "new post". Then click on the little "picture" icon that is diagonally to the lower left of where it says "edit HTML". Then, if you've saved the picture on your computer you can click browse and go to the picture you want wherever you have it saved. Click on the picture to highlight it and then click "open". It will then tell you that your image is being uploaded. From there, it will be added to the post you are writing.

Now for the button. Right click on the button you want and save it to your computer. I've been putting mine into "my pictures". Once you've saved it, you can go to "customize" -- upper right area of your blog page. Then click on "add a page element", and when the screen pops up, click on "picture". Then you can "browse" to find it on your computer and open it in the same way as the picture I described above. Once it's been added, you can click and drag the pictures and page elements on the customize page to get them in the order you want them.

If it sounds confusing, write down the steps and do them one at a time. You know, like math!!:o)

If your computer setup is anything like mine, that should work for you. I do everything in the most basic and simple way possible, as I'm a newbie, too.


Alaina said...

I can get a picture of the button to post - it just doesn't link to anything...which is the part I am missing....