Saturday, August 9, 2008

"It's a contest!" or "What's your number?"

Emily is having a contest. Go check it out....she's giving away something cool and it's pretty painless....

Here is an excerpt from her:

Here’s the text from the front page of Divvs:

Our primary service is the Divvs Rating. We analyze your connections to other people across all the social networks you share with us, do some Complicated Math, and come up with a simple number that represents how connected you are.

It’s perfect for Craigslist or web forums where you want to keep your personal details private, but want to prove you’re a real person, with real friends. You can share your rating anywhere you can add a link to an image, and you do it without disclosing anything personal.

Think credit score, but social not monetary. Sign up for fun and to help test the

Divvs is kinda cool...tracks the number of social connections you have somehow...and there is math involved...(everything cool has math in it...isn't there math everywhere??)

My rating is a (pitiful) 30.

Check it out and give me a shout out as to your rating...maybe mine will go up ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yikes! I need to do that drawing! I haven't really forgotten - I've just been taping dish rag boxes...