Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dishrag tag

Yeah!!! Teams have been assigned...and all the fun starts this Friday...and did I mention I have the honor of being a team captain??!!! How cool is that???

I am currently at a three day "Math and Science Academy" sponsored by the State of MN....sitting in a hotel...with WIRELESS!!! Yeah!!!

Did I mention I bought myself a new (cheap) laptop computer...and in order to qualify for the 24 months, 0% financing...

I needed to spend an additional $130...so, I also bought a turntable that converts my old vinyl to computer (mp23) format...my vinyl can then be burnt to a CD or put on my i-pod. How cool is that? Stay tuned for details on quality.

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Anonymous said...

Oh cool! I didn't know they made turntables that would do that!