Sunday, July 6, 2008


I walked to the mailbox expecting just the normal pile of junk mail and bills ...and lo and behold...a package!!! For me!!! I was totally not expecting a package...and...what a great package it is!!!

Everything was "wrapped" in a little bag with a bright blue bow...So cute.

(The bright sunshine kinda wiped out the colors...)

Jessi/Bubblesknits was my spoiler for the Keepin' Cool in Summer Dishcloth Swap.

She went above and beyond the call of duty...What a thoughtful package....I absolutely loved everything in felt as if I had shopped for myself...Gather round and look at all of the awesome stuff she sent my way....

This sock yarn is from Sophie's Toes the color is "Garden Party". What a great color choice for a summer swap! I can hardly wait to cast on a pair of socks with it. What a great choice! Thank you Jessi.

Jessi also included two skeins of cotton yarn. One "peaches & Cream" in a color that I have not seen before and a skein of Knit Picks "Cotlin", which I have never used. I am looking forward to checking that out...(thanks for the tip Jessi of using smaller needles)

Other goodies...a set of flowery/summery notecards with a matching magnetic "to do list" (looks great on my refrigerator), a hand cream, a whole bag of Crystal Light drink mixes (see picture below) to keep me cool, a miniature body bar, and a set of "designer" handkerchiefs...they have an "A" on them....(How did you know I cry a lot? LOL)...She also included a "sock blocker" keyring, complete with yarn to knit up the little sock...(see first picture) I can't wait to make it.

and...this awesome little cuddly sheep. Isn't he absolutely adorable?? And he is as fluffy in real life as he looks...makes me smile everytime I look at him. His name is "Woolsy"

She also knit me not one...but...two beautiful dishcloths....One in a light tan

...and the other in a light green...very, very nice...

She also sent me this very, very awesome sock bag from Gypsyknits. I LOVE it!!! I can hardly wait to go "public" with my awesome bag. It is absolutely adorable...with little Knitting chickens on it...

(I know it is sideways...sorry)

And...last but not least...the chocolate...(and a picture of the Crystal light mixes that I mentioned above)...Jessi was worried that the chocolate may have melted..well, it did...but, that didn't stop me from enjoying it...

Picture this...I am in the kitchen, literally licking the chocolate out of the little containers...Nathan comes into the room, stops and exclaims, with this horrified look on his face..."Mom, you have chocolate all over your face!" pictures.

It was awesome!

Thank you Jessi for a great package. I know how hard it is to shop for someone else, but, you really nailed it! I love everything!

{{{BIG HUGS}}}


KSee said...

What luck of the draw to get Jessi. What a super package

ponyknit said...

Awesome package!
Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my contest. Good luck!

Bubblesknits said...

See, I knew that if you were like me, melted chocolate was better than no chocolate. LOL!!! I'm a shameless chocoholic.

I'm so glad you liked everything and even happier that I got you in the swap. :-)

Alana said...

What a great package! Jessi did a great job of spoiling you!!