Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy December

ohh - lots to talk about....

I love the Christmas season - every year I promise myself that I will be more organized and less stressed...somehow it just doesn't work out that way...maybe, someday.

I took one of my two personal days today from work and went shopping. I hate shopping with crowds of people - so the thought of doing it all on a weekend...was a little unbearable. I got most of it done...was really hoping the boys would be at their dad's this weekend, so I could get some sorting and wrapping such luck.

It is "flippin' cold here this weekend. I mean...COLD!!!!! like 25 degrees below zero...cold!!!

Guess, I will just have to spend the weekend inside...ummm...what could I do...oh...maybe I could just KNIT!!!

I got one of my hair-brain ideas...decided to make a bunch of Christmas presents - yeah - I know it's like less than three weeks before Christmas - let's just say - I work best under pressure - (see 1st paragraph) Part of my shoppping today involved a stop at the LYS in Duluth. *big smile* Pictures of finished objects to come.

Are you having problems with blogger? Every time I try to post a picture from home - It tells me I am "no longer connected" to blogger. It's very frustrating - so, I can only post pictures from school...(where I am still trying to keep my head above water with grading and lesson plans)

Did I mention we have snow? (Lots of it.) Did I mention the county plow took out our mailbox? (It was on a 4x4 post.) Did I mention our plow truck is not working? (Apparently a life time guarantee on a battery means actually 7 months.) Did I mention we have lots of snow? (About 14 inches.) Did I mention how much I dislike/hate snow? (I think it's because I am half "Hawaiian" and don't belong in this cold climate.)

I finished an awesome pair of felted slipppers. My feet are now warm. Pictures to follow...(see above paragraph about the finickyness of blogger) And, yes, that is a word and I know it's mis-spelled. What do you expect...I am a Math teacher. hee hee

Did I mention I forgot to order my Christmas pictures while I was out and about today? I said a bad word when I realized that as we were almost home.

My sweetie thought we would be done shopping by 1:00, including lunch....we left at 8:00...foolish man.....I think I wore him out.....

I think I have rambled on enough...oh, one more thing...I noticed my visitor counter registered the number 1441...Does anyone know what kind of number that is?

It's a palindrome. A number that can be read the same front to back and visa versa. Cool, huh?

I know...Math geek...


KSee said...

I just can't image living where it is 25 below! You have gotten quite a bit done all in all. I know what you mean about knitting under pressure. I seem to live my life like that! LOL

NH Knitting Mama said...

I went skiing once in -8 degrees F. I had on proper equipment so it didn't bother me, but it was REALLY COLD when the gear came off.

Hope you get your plow fixed soon. Winter has just started!

Anonymous said...

I am considering moving to the Virgin Islands soon - a plan I will harp on until August when hurricane season starts. :-)