Sunday, November 11, 2007

I have been knitting...

A while back...the beginning of October...I sent for the book Knitting Circles around Socks.

My first attempt was a little frustrating. The book calls for using both 16 and 24 inch circulars. I had two pairs of 16 inch. I thought I could figure it out and tried using Panda Cotton.

Well, the combination of light yarn and not being able to distinguish between which needle was my "24 inch" one (cuz I wasn't using a 24 inch one)...I gave up and decided to actually follow the directions and see where they lead me...

I started over with the correct needles and yarn... 16 and a 24 inch size 5 circs and a worsted weight wool yarn.

Much better.

It took me a while to "wrap" my mind around the process of knitting tow individual socks simutaneously while keeping them seperate.

Once I got went really quick...this is the fastest I have made a pair of socks...of course I am also using size 5 and my other pair was on size 2....

The process is actually pretty simple. The two needles lie parallel to each other in their starting position. The 16 inch needle lies in front. The instep of each sock is on the 24 inch needle and the sole of each sock is on the 16 inch needle.

As you knit one knit sole of sock one, sole of sock two, instep of sock two, and instep of sock one. You need to tug up tight the first stitch to prevent the loose stitch between front and back.

Only part you do individually is when you turn each heel.

The camera flash washed out the color in this picture. They are the true blue in the above picture.

I finished them last night but will not be able to post the finished picture until I get to school to upload it.

I have already cast on a pair in Cascade Fixation and have most of the cuff done.

I want to play around with knitting mittens using the same concept...anybody ever tried it?????

I highly recommend this book and process...easy to follow and quick.


KSee said...

I almost picked this book up last week at B & N. what do you think of it?

KnittySue said...

I really do need to get this book...I'm looking for my JoAnn's 40% off coupon now........Thanks